Khyber Pass Steel Ribbed AK 5.56 30rd Magazine Gen 2

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Made in Pakistan, Khyber Pass Steel Ribbed AK556 Magazines! This generation 2 shipment we received fits our 5.56 AK rifles much better now! Some changes were made by the importer to improve the fitment among 5.56 AK rifles on the USA Market. Some fitting still might be required. But nothing like the previous shipment we received. 

These steel constructed 30rd 5.56x45mm magazines are copies similar to the Norinco 84s. Due to the fitment variations of various 5.56 AK rifles, you may be required to do some filing modifications to the back lug for fitment (a photo from the importer showing the modifications that could be needed is on the listing). On the positive side these magazine lugs were designed with enough material to accomidate the variations in different 5.56 AK rifles. 

Handmade in Pakistan out of steel

Magazines may show scratches, wear, and other markings from shipping and storage.

Sold as is and non returnable due to the fitment variations. ALL SALES FINAL!!
We tested the magazines on this batch and due to the modifications the importer made some of these went right into our Beryl 5.56 rifles snuggly. Some others needed a little material removed. Over all we think the specs are great since customers can always remove a little material if needed.