Polish Radom (11) Military Surplus Fixed Stock Parts Kit! *No Barrel*

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$629.10 - $719.10
Parts Kits typically ship within 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS

NON-HEADSPACED, Barrel not included.
If you are looking for a barrel to add to a non-headspaced kit order:
SKU: 7920 (Polish Chrome Lined) and 3695 (Nitride)
See SKU 9005 for Headspaced version.

Polish AK47 Parts Kit Wood Fixed Stock from the original Radom military factory in Poland. These are Original Polish Military AK47 rifles that have been demilitarized and broken down into parts.

Condition is very good to excellent with all major matching numbers guaranteed (Bolt, Bolt Carrier, Trunnion, Dust Cover, Gas Tube,) with high chance of other numbers matching as well (Recoil Rod, Rear Sight).

Hand Select option for rare 1960's era kits with blued finish, and white bolt carrier. Hardwood stock upon hand select request while inventory remains. Many early kits have a mixture of both wood types on the same rifle, but we will fulfill to the best of our ability for hand select requests, as long as you ask for it during order checkout (Notes section is at the bottom of the Shipping step!)

These kits were issued so expect wear, but they are still fully operational. 

You will still need to purchase a receiver, rivets, and possibly other small parts to complete this. These are original full auto Military rifles so you must comply with 922r and build this rifle in semi auto.

*Auto rate reducer, reducer spring, curved sear, trip spring, and 3rd pin removed for kits going to the following states:

Please Note

Due to the vast differences in manufacturing specs & tolerances of surplus AK platform kits, we cannot guarantee any specific size part (ex; trunnions,etc) with kits. 
Surplus Pistol grip color and condition may vary
Surplus Wood may vary from Hardwood to Laminate. Finish and condition may Vary.
Bolt and carrier may be painted black or polished metal in the kit that is sent to you. These are military kits and there is no choice of bolt finish.
Small parts like pins, rivets, & small springs should be included, but may be missing.
Kits do not include a Barrel or Receiver but, will contain all other large parts. 
Kits may have Cosmoline or grease from Military storage and will need cleaning.
These kits are demilitarized from actual working guns and may show demilling markings. 
Parts specs may vary slightly from kit to kit (including trunnion size). 
Kits may require additional fitting(ex:knurling, over-sized pin installation, minor welding, etc.) to complete your build. 
We cannot guarantee the fitment of any parts due to the inherent variables associated with the AK platform kits.
Kits should be assembled by a skilled builder with knowledge of the Kalashnikov line and building practices.

Link on Facebook to these as complete rifles before demilling

  • 5
    Exactly what I was expecting

    Posted by Gunner Dutzman on Dec 2nd 2023

    The kit I received was in excellent condition and came to me exactly as it was described in the listing. All serial numbers were matching and the kit appeared to be almost brand new except for a few small nicks and dings which are to be expected. Overall very satisfied with my purchase.

  • 5
    Perfect blued kit

    Posted by Ian on Aug 20th 2023

    I wanted a nice polish blued kit that was numbers matching and Arms of America really came through and sent me a beautiful all numbers matching 1967 kit with perfect set of furniture as well.

  • 5

    Posted by Dave on Aug 1st 2023

    Just fabulous! Hand select for hardwood. Got a nice 1966 kit. Absolutely beautiful. Bolt and carrier have no marks whatsoever, as well as the front barrel trunion. Doesn't even look like one round was fire through it. Great job AOA.

  • 5
    In love with kits

    Posted by Alphonso Martinez on Jun 24th 2023

    Picked up several of these kits. They look pretty nice wood looks great. I got one that’s nice and dark and beat up which is one of my favorite another one that has a really nice light wood looks almost too pretty. Theses are Great kits.

  • 5
    Pristine Parts Kit

    Posted by Cameron Irshaid on Jun 16th 2023

    AoA came through big time on this awesome kit. Had 5 major matching parts and all parts were in great condition for a 1966 rifle. The build came out immaculate and could not be happier.
    Already ordered a second before they’re all gone!

  • 5
    1967 Blued kit

    Posted by Son of Liberty on Apr 5th 2023

    For the kit, what can I say? Polish craftsmanship is unmatched. They are well known for this. These kits are in excellent shape because they took care of them through the years. Poland, like Russia refurbished their stock when things got worn. They seemed to have taken the care to keep the parts as matching as they could to the rifle. These kits are top of the line and show signs of being well cared for. Polish barrels and recievers on the market make a perfect match for these.

    I paid for hand select and I got exactly what I asked for. These guys have a long reputation of giving the customer what they ask for. It make take some time to find it in their stockpile but they will get it for you or contact you to give you the next best option. I've bought many many kits from them and they knock it out of the park every time.

  • 5
    Nice kit!

    Posted by Tony Viviano on Mar 14th 2022

    Received this kit as ALL matching, down to the rear sight leaf and safety selector. Always a pleasure buying from AOA!

  • 5
    1969 polish radom circle 11

    Posted by Gregg Seehase on Mar 12th 2022

    The parts kit I got is awesome looks like it was used. The funiture looks amazing the stock looks like Russian red. I got all matching numbers they said I would and als.o matching on the rear leaf sight and safety selector. I definitely would recommend to get one of these kits before there gone.

  • 5
    Polish circle 11 kit

    Posted by Tyler on Feb 16th 2022

    I can’t speak for all of them, but the one I got is in great shape. Mine has almost no wear on it and the internals look like it was only fired a few times. AOA was definitely conservative with their description of these kits.