PPSH-41 Parts Kit

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$359.99 - $399.99

Georgy Shpagin designed the PPSh-41 Soviet submachine gun as a cheaper, more reliable and simpler alternative to PPD-40. The weapon was often called "papasha" in Russian, meaning "daddy", but it was also known as the "burp gun" due to it's distinctive sound and quick firing rate. These are made from the original machine guns and demilitarized into a civilian legal kit. They can then be re-welded to regain semi-auto or full post sample glory. To complete the rifle build you will need a receiver and barrel. See the notes below for the virgin stock missing metal hardware.

Please Note: markings etc can vary from Kit to Kit and there are no special requests offered. We have observed many Russian stampings such as the example in the listing photos, but these kits have a variety of possible markings. No FFL needed, this is not a complete firearm. Drum magazine Not included & can be added for only $50 extra. CANNOT SHIP DRUM TO BAN STATES.

These rifles arrived to our supplier with missing or damaged stocks. But our supplier was able to include virgin PPSH-41 stocks with the kits. These are missing the metal hardware, such as buttplate, stock screws, and side sling swivel plate. We received a smooth end stock and one milled for a buttplate, and both types are milled for the sling plate, but we did not receive any stock hardware. We have factored this in and heavily discounted the kits to make up for it.

Please Note : Due to the demilling process small parts like pins/springs may be missing and/or unserviceable, this is most likely to affect the top cover retainer pin, and barrel pin. This can vary from kit to kit. 

Parts could be coated in cosmoline which has helped preserve the parts over the past 60-80 years but they still may have minor rust spots.

We are not guaranteeing matching serial numbers on these kits.

Good news is we found a few crates of kits with many matching serial numbers and we are sending them to initial orders to reward early customers for their patience. No hand select fee is even needed at this time. 

Torch cut barrel chunks are included as well.

These were originally chambered in 7.62 Tokarev, but are able to be conveted to 9mm as well.

From what we have observed, all drums are Molot stamped, and may have proof stampings and serial number etchings as well. These drums appear to be in mostly excellent to unissued condition, and 90% of them are soaked in cosmoline. The Molot stamped drums will be selected and shipped for as long as we have one.  If they run out we won't be able to swap, unfortunately since there won't be any to swap with.

Produced from 1941-1947. Unfortunately all of the date markings were torched during the demill process on these, so we cannot offer any kind of year selection.

Rare chance to pickup a piece of history with these World War II era beautiful condition Russian PPSH-41 kits!

  *Unable to ship to Washington state

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    Nice kit!

    Posted by ChuckC on Sep 4th 2023

    Parts were in very good condition. Cuts are a bit rough, but workable. Certainly won't find a better deal for the money. Thanks!

  • 4

    Posted by Earl Carter on May 12th 2023

    Kit is alright, 4 stars because the guy on the torch didn't cut it,he melted it apart, other than that it's good, took awhile to get it but AOA said that in advance, AOA is great to deal with no aspersions on them

  • 4

    Posted by Lyle A Brogan on Oct 17th 2021

    Got 3 kits. Great condition, but if I had waited a week, I could have ordered from Atlantic Firearms and saved $50 per kit.