*Window Cut Mag* - Hungarian Tanker Surplus Steel - 7.62x39

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Mags pulled from our inventory of Hungarian Tanker Mags. Though our inventory of these is NOS condition, occasionally we pull some that have dents or dings that put them outside our promised condition.
These are very low quanitites but offer an extremely robust and compact window mag option that is tougher and heavier than other steel or polymer window cut magazines.

We cannot hand select or promise any specific spine stampings on these. Once they are gone, they may be gone for a long time or for good, depending on our remaining inventory of Hungarian mags.

Magazines are patterned for AKM/AK-47 rifles in 7.62×39 and hold 20 rounds. Now you can easily track your rounds while you fire your AK pattern rifle.

Work performed by Lee Armory, windows are cut on a CNC and hand deburred for smooth, user-friendly edges. Edges have not been repainted so these have a mild BFPU feel to them, which can be easily repainted or kept as-is by the end user depending on personal taste.

All magazines are hand-tested for function before shipping. Magazines are sold as-is.

Will only ship to states that allow 30 round magazines. Buyer is responsible for knowing their local laws. These magazines are intended for fun/recreational use. No guarantee is provided for function in adverse conditions.