*Window Cut Mag* - KCI 30rd Steel 7.62x39

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Magazines are patterned for AKM/AK-47 rifles in 7.62×39 and hold 30 rounds. Now you can easily track your rounds while you fire your AK pattern rifle.

Work performed by Lee Armory, windows are cut on a CNC and hand deburred for smooth, user-friendly edges. Edges have not been repainted so these have a mild BFPU feel to them, which can be easily repainted or kept as-is by the end user depending on personal taste.

All magazines are hand-tested for function before shipping. Magazines are sold as-is.

Will only ship to states that allow 30 round magazines. Buyer is responsible for knowing their local laws. These magazines are intended for fun/recreational use. No guarantee is provided for function in adverse conditions.