5.56 Polish AK47 Bolt Carrier *Brand new hammer forged production made in Poland*

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These are brand new production AKM 5.56 cold hammer forged bolt carriers produced by WBP in Rogow, Poland. These new unserialized mil-spec carriers are featured in all of the WBP firearms we import and they come ready to be polished for smoother action. These have a ZINC coating for lubricity and rust resistance.

Gas piston is threaded and riveted into place, with the rivet ground down flush with the body. Some pistons will have wobble, this is completely normal and will not impede function.

-This bolt carrier is intended to be used with the WBP 5.56 Bolt. The stem thickness is smaller than a standard 47, but larger than a standard 74.

-We recommend using the WBP 5.56 trunnion when using the WBP 5.56 bolt and carrier for ease of building. Others may work but we cannot guarantee part compatibility with different trunnions.

-We offer a bundle pack of all core 5.56 parts here

-These parts are meant to be built in any 74 style 5.56/5.45 receiver