5.56 WBP Polish AK47 Forged Barrel Trunnion

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These brand new forged 5.56 barrel trunnions are made in Poland by WBP to the original Military specifications. Not only are they 100% new but they also feature a pilot hole for the barrel pin to be drilled so you can be sure you have a nice clean barrel pin hole that is not egged out. We recommend to drill the pin hole with our 17/64 cobalt and chase the hole with our 7mm reamer.

100% machined from forged steel like the originals and always sized to the proper journal size 2 (23mm) for standard spec barrels. These have no markings on them so they are perfect for any 23mm rifle build or repair.

Trunnion holes are drilled as undersized pilot holes, and as such should be fully drilled during the build process when drilling your reciever.

-Barrel journal is 23mm, we carry a barrel specifically for our WBP 5.56 kits here which will fit this trunnion and have a standard AKM profile.

-We recommend using the WBP 5.56 Bolt and carrier for ease of building compatibility. Others may work but we cannot guarantee part compatibility with different trunnions and bolts.

-We offer a bundle pack of all core 5.56 parts here

-These parts are meant to be built in any 74 style 5.56/5.45 receiver

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    Best New parts available

    Posted by WM on May 3rd 2023

    I have yet to have a single issue with any of WBPs new parts. They are extremely nice.

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    Best and only 1 i kould find in New condition

    Posted by Loki Valhalla on Mar 1st 2022

    Using for 5.56 pistol build already had comparable WBP bolt. So stoked to finish this one. Works flawlessly in all pre build exercises.

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    Posted by Richard on Mar 24th 2021

    Great product perfect for any replacement