7.62x39 WBP Polish AK47 Forged Front Barrel Trunnion

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These brand new forged 7.62x39 barrel trunnions are made in Poland by WBP to the original Military specifications. Not only are they 100% new but they also feature a pilot hole for the barrel pin to be drilled so you can be sure you have a nice clean barrel pin hole that is not egged out. We recommend to drill the pin hole with our 17/64 cobalt and chase the hole with our 7mm reamer.

100% machined from forged steel like the originals and always sized to the proper journal size 2 (23mm) for standard spec barrels. These have no markings on them so they are perfect for any 23mm rifle build or repair.

*NOTE: Trunnion holes are drilled, but will need to be expanded by the builder when installing into a receiver. They are undersized from the factory, so you may drill them larger while also drilling the receiver holes.


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    7.62x39 trunnion

    Posted by Steven Mccart on May 22nd 2022

    Very nice, works well

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    WBP 7.62x39 front trunnion

    Posted by Sean on May 14th 2022

    Feels solid in the hand, and the machining looks good. Going back now I see it is in the pictures, but I was surprised that this came with the bullet guide installed. A little inconvenient for me, but very convenient for everyone else.

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    Wbp front trunnion

    Posted by Asa. Spades on Apr 26th 2022

    Quality part. Really excited to start my build.

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    WBP Trunnions

    Posted by Jeff Forster on Mar 30th 2022

    Fantastic workmanship! First quality product.

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    Posted by David Maga on Jan 13th 2022

    These are the best trunnions to use for your build- Highly Recommend

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    Posted by Unknown on Jun 22nd 2021

    Excellent quality with a beautiful finish!

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    Posted by MC on May 8th 2021

    Nice part, machined well with a great finish. Should have bought more.

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    Posted by William Wazny on Apr 22nd 2021

    Shipping was fast. Happy with the item.

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    Ak Front Trunnion

    Posted by Bob Sims on Jan 18th 2021

    This product is beautifully machined and nicely finished. I was able to utilize it quite efficiently and the finished item is a true "tack-driver" and essentially impervious to damage. I was stunned, however, by the drastic price increase and not at all amused by the time I had to wait till it came back in stock. I know things are tough right now and won't get any better since the election was stolen, so, might as well suck it up!