WBP Polish 1960 AK47 Bolt Carrier for MILLED receivers 7.62x39

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These are brand new production Polish milled AK47 bolt carriers made to original Military specifications meaning they are cold hammer forged steel with a Zinc coating, and work both in full auto and semi auto rifles. These have no serial number and they are made by WBP in Rogow, Poland. These will work with most milled AK47 rifles from different origins as well and we have a huge waiting list full of customers with the C39 Milled AK47 that have been asking for this for a long time! We sell the proper matching bolt also right here
Customers including AK Operators Union have reported these milled carriers are a drop in for the C39V2 but please keep in mind you will need the Polish AK bolt we offer or a standard mil spec bolt in order to use this carrier. Also you MUST check headspace if installing a new bolt!
These bolt carriers will also work just fine in stamped pattern AK's as well, however since these are higher cost and are more scarce, we recommend purchasing a stamped pattern bolt carrier instead if that if your intended use.


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    Wbp bolt carrier for milled AK

    Posted by Jason on Apr 17th 2024

    I got this with the wbp bolt for an upgrade to a used C39V2 and it looks good, checked the headspace and all good but if you got C39V2 you'll also have to upgrade the recoil spring too or run it with a buffer to stop it from jumping the rails. I recommend

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    Great part

    Posted by Miles on Apr 11th 2024

    Used this with a KNS piston to drop into an old-style Galil ARM. Worked perfectly. Beautiful finish, a bit blackened now though :)

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    WBP Polish 1960 AK47 Bolt Carrier for MILLED receivers 7.62x39

    Posted by Troy Beddingfield on Feb 21st 2024

    WBP Polish 1960 AK47 Bolt Carrier for MILLED worked perfect very nicely made machining was very well.

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    Perfect Upgrade

    Posted by ALLEN WARD on Jan 9th 2024

    I inherited a C39V2 from a friend and it shown a lot of wear on the bolt carrier and bolt. I replaced the bolt carrier with a WBP milled bolt carrier, bolt, and recoil spring. The bolt was tested with a go/no go gauge and tested perfectly with the Go and failed the No-Go. The Carrier is flawless and cycle smoothy, much better than the original and the trio has turned mu C39 into a great weapon! So far, I have ran 250-rounds through it flawlessly. I highly recommend this carrier and WBP bolt, recoil spring to upgrade your C39V2. Make sure you check your bolt gap before firing to ensure the bolt locks properly...

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    Nice fit and finish.

    Posted by Dave on Dec 29th 2023

    Dropped right into my C39V2 just like Rob Ski said it would. Head spacing was more than adequate. Now I have confidence in safety of the rifle. Bought this along with the bolt.

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    Milled Bolt Carrier Group C39V2

    Posted by Austin Walker on Apr 21st 2023

    I ordered this bolt carrier group along with the bolt and recoil spring for my C39V2 after learning the cast bolt and bolt carrier group are prone to failure. The installation was super easy and the rifle is functioning as intended. I haven’t had a chance to head to the range since the install, but based off what I’ve seen on Rob Skis review from AKOU on YouTube I have no doubts it will perform better than the cast parts

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    Bolt Carrier for Milled

    Posted by Gerardo on Apr 17th 2023

    I was able to find out that my AK-47 had the wrong bolt carrier this whole time. I couldn’t figure out the problem on my rifle until I saw this picture, where it shows the difference between stamped and milled bolt carriers. I had a stamped bolt carrier on a milled receiver. My rifle is now working just fine! Thank you!?

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    Looks beautiful

    Posted by John morse on Oct 11th 2022

    Unfortunately they’ll be sometime before I get a chance to enjoy it cleaning up and the week of hurricane Ian

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    WBP bolt carrier for milled recievers

    Posted by Cliff Capley on Oct 11th 2022

    Fast shipping! Recieved new bolt carrier for my c39v2! First impression was machined and polished well, much better than the one my rifle came with! Also purchased WBP bolt and recoil spring from AOA. Checked Headspace with go no gauges from clymer and am very pleased! My c39v2 is now a very nice ak! Thank you AOA!