WBP Polish Bolt Carrier BODY 7.62x39 *Milled Receiver AK Spec*

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Due to popular demand, we are now offering the same WBP Polish bolt carriers WITHOUT a piston! This is perfect if you are looking to install a custom or adjustable gas piston.
These are brand new production AKM47 7.62x39 cold hammer forged bolt carriers produced by WBP in Rogow, Poland. These new unserialized mil-spec carriers are featured in all of the WBP firearms we import and they come ready to be polished for smoother action. These feature a ZINC coating for lubricity and rust resistance!

These work with most standard stamped and milled receiver 7.62x39 AKM spec firearms from Polish, Romanian, Hungarian AK63D, East German, Maadi, Russian, and more!
These are a popular upgrade option for customers with the C39 Milled AK47! We sell the proper matching bolt also right here
Customers including AK Operators Union have reported these milled carriers are a drop in for the C39V2. We recommend also using the Polish AK bolt we offer or a standard mil spec bolt, but you MUST check headspace if installing a new bolt! Some customers have reported needing a new recoil spring assembly as well, while some do not, it depends from rifle to rifle.
These bolt carriers will also work just fine in stamped pattern AK's as well, however since these are higher cost and are more scarce, we recommend purchasing a stamped pattern bolt carrier instead if that if your intended use.