AK Buff Buffer Rubber Block - Compatible with most AK variants!

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New from War Services & AOA!

These cast rubber buffers were designed first as a replacement to the factory buffers required for function of Mini and Micro Draco AK pistols, which serve to keep the bolt carrier from jumping out of the rails due to their short gas piston.
In addition, we modified the design to allow these buffers to fit into almost any other AK variant, taking into consideration different needs of different designs. Part of this design incorporates the arms which hold onto the recoil spring, but without the need to squeeze the buffer over the whole recoil assembly like other buffers. Countless prototypes were tested and ran in rifles to reach this final design.

Even if your AK does not require a buffer for function such as those with short pistons, these buffers will reduce wear and tear on your firearm, and also increase cycle rate, with the carrier having a shorter distance to travel.

We have tested fitment in: Mini Beryl, Beryl Rifle, Milled Recievers, Maadi, Saiga, RPK, Draco variants, Yugo pistols, KUSA KP-9 Vityaz, and more.

Each color has a different hardness level. These are what we recommend most suitable, but they are all interchangable:
Green: 9mm or other Pistol Calibers
Orange: 5.45, 5.56, 7.62x39
Blue: 7.62x39, .308, 7.62x54r

Installation is simple and quick: