FB Radom - Beryl Rifle - 7.62x39 - FULL PACKAGE

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By popular demand: FB Radom Beryl rifle with FULL Military Accessories package!


  • FB Radom Beryl Rifle (7.62x39)
  • FB Radom Beryl 1913 Picatinny Optic Rail
  • FB Radom Beryl Picatinny Handguards
  • FB Radom Beryl Telescopic Buttstock
  • FB Radom Beryl Pistol Grip
  • FB Radom Beryl Vertical Foregrip
  • US 14-1 LH Threaded Beryl Style Muzzle Brake OR Original FB Radom Press & Pin brake
  • US LBE G3 Fire Control Group
  • US 7.62 AK Magazine
  • Functional Bayonet Lug
  • Free choice of AOA Rifle Bag
  • Patches & Stickers included!

Beryl Rifle 762 S M1 FB RADOM-Fabryka Broni

  • Imported from Poland 
  • Made by Fabryka Broni
  • 762 S M1
  • Chambered in 762 x 39 
  • Hammer Forged chrome lined barrel
  • 16 inch barrel with customer requested threading
  • 1 X 9 twist rate 
  • Takes standard AK47 mags 
  • Enhanced safety selector
  • Enlarged mag release
  • Polish import markings
  • Beryl mount on rear trunnion for Beryl Optic rail
  • Beryl style muzzle brake
  • Length 36 1/4"
  • Beautiful fit and finish
  • Polish Factory markings
  • Bayonet Lug machined
  • Ships in padded rifle bag.

The Polish Beryl rifle was developed in the mid 1990's by the Team @ Fabryka Broni / FB Radom to replace the AKM 762X39 and Tantal 545x39 rifle used in the Polish Military. The rifle was intended to help modernize their forces and also utilize the Nato 5.56 round. As the popularity of the rifle grew there were requests for other calibers, so in 2013 the 762X39 model was introduced and offered for export. Working with readily available 762x39 AK47 magazines and ammunition this was a great combination for the Beryl chassis.

The current Beryl 762 S M1 Rifle is a US Civilian legal semi auto sporting rifle. They are perfect for having fun at the range or home defense applications. Beautiful fit and finish with original Polish FB Factory markings will make this a great addition to your collection and increase in value. FB Radom is known throughout the word for producing unique firearms for military and sporting applications. Currently FB supplies the Grot rifle to the Polish Military and conducts firearms exports to other friendly countries. 

*US 922R parts will consist of US mag and US FCG. Original Polish FCG is included in a small bag of parts.

Muzzle Device Selection

We are now able to offer the choice between the normal threaded US Beryl Style Brake that we have been using (5.56 rifles will now be threaded 1/2x28, 7.62 rifles threaded 14-1), or installing an original Polish FB Radom Beryl Brake, which must be pressed and pinned onto the barrel.

Installation of this device requires us to turn down the barrel in order for the brake to fit, then we drill the two pin holes and pin the brake to the barrel. The additional price covers the FB muzzle device and the work needed for installation. PLEASE NOTE: If you choose this then it would be very difficult to change your muzzle device in the future.
Do not choose this if you are also wanting the front end conversion pin & weld!!!

Left Side Selector

Now offering the option to install the Beryl left side selector!
Military rifles have a "key hole" shaped safety hole which makes it simple to install and remove the left side selector:

We are installing this lever without any permanent modification to the rifle. It is assembled by removing a roll pin that links the outside lever to the inside post. We then assembe the two parts with the post inside the receiver, and re-insert the roll pin. This will mean you must also disassemble the selector if you want to disassemble your fire control group.

Price includes the cost of the safety and work to install. We add the correct detent notches (makes a "click" when flipping the lever) and add the selector markings. NOTE: This lever does scratch the paint like a right side lever, so we do NOT make any guarantees or warranty the cosmetic appearence of paint or scratches around this part!

*Please be aware that this selector will be cosmetic only in a semi-auto rifle, as it is meant to be operated with a military Beryl full auto fire control group. The function of this selector on a military rifle is to switch fire modes between semi-auto, burst, or full auto. The right side safety selector operates between "safe" and "fire." The left and right levers perform two different functions, so do not expect this to work like a "thumb safety lever".

Pin and Weld to 16.25" barrel length is now an option!
This service involves pulling the barrel, cut, crown, and thread, reinstall barrel, and finally pin + weld muzzle brake so the barrel measures a little over 16" total. We will touch up the affected areas with our standard black Duracoat, but FB paint is prone to scratching so this service may result in other areas of the rifle having minor paint scratches/chips.
NOTE: We can use a customer supplied muzzle device, or sell you any muzzle device that we carry for this work upon request. Swapping parts for a gas block combo is also possible, either customer supplied or sold from us.


This is a firearm so we must ship it to an FFL holder.

During Checkout you will be prompted to type in and select your FFL. If we have them on file and place your order, no further action is needed and we will ship within 5-7 busines days or less, depending on order volume.

If we do not have the FFL on file, you will receive a notification that we will need to receive a copy of that FFL liscense. At that point, please have your FFL dealer email us a copy of their FFL to FFL@armsofamerica.com and reference your order number and name. Once we receive it, we can finish processing your order.

Our full FFL policy can be found here. Thank you!

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    7.62x39 beryl full package

    Posted by Chad on Dec 29th 2023

    This gun is worth every penny, getting all accessories at once and for a great price. Shot 100 rounds so far and is flawless. Light recoil, I am glad I went with the 7.62 version since I already have a mini beryl in 556 that is equally awesome.