FB Radom - Mini Beryl Pistol - .223/5.56 - ETA 5/14/2021

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Mini Beryl Pistol M1-FB RADOM-Fabryka Broni

  • Made with Pride by FABRYKA BRONI "ƁUCZNIK"
  • Imported from Poland
  • Model .223 S Mini Beryl M1
  • 5.56x45mm Semi auto
  • Hammer forged barrel
  • Barrel 9-3/8 inches
  • twist rate (1:9 in)
  • Weight 6 pounds
  • Overall Length 18-3/8 inches
  • Comes with iron sights & optic mount / rail
  • Comes with 1 -30 round FB Radom .556 magazine

Model .223 S M1 Mini-Beryl Pistol was developed by Fabryka Broni located in Radom Poland. FB Radom is known throughout the word for producing unique firearms for military and sporting applications. Currently FB supplies the Grot rifle to the Polish Military and conducts firearms exports to other friendly countries. After a four-year journey we are excited to finally see these beautiful Polish 5.56x45mm semi auto pistols available for US sporting shooters to collect & enjoy!

The 5.56mm M1 Mini Beryl pistol is semi auto pistol chambered in .556 but can also use .223 rounds. The compact design is great for those looking for a home defense weapon, tactical applications or other activities requiring a smaller footprint. Based on the reliable Kalashnikov design you will find the M1 to be a robust and reliable shooter.

Loaded with a ton of features including Picatinny a short optic mount rail fitted with flip-over notch/peep sight, with 1” and 3” (hundred meters) settings as a standard. This allows the end shooter to customize the pistol to fit their mission specific needs. Works with most 223/.556 AK magazines on the market. Pistol brace installation can be accomplished with a  wide variety of braces on the market.

- If you are looking to go the NFA SBR route there are FB optional stock trunnions offered for this need. The Trunnion add-on will need to be installed by a competent gunsmith and will open up stock and brace options that would normally interface with a fixed stock rear trunnion.


This is a firearm so we must ship it to an FFL holder.

Please have your FFL dealer email us a copy of their FFL to FFL@armsofamerica.com and reference your order number and name in the subject line.
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  • 5
    As expected!0

    Posted by Robert Cox on Apr 2nd 2021

    AoA weathered the storm (literal snow fall and power outage) to get item shipped...and has been weathering the storm even longer to get us these great imports!!

  • 5
    beryl pistol

    Posted by ian reed on Mar 4th 2021

    smooth, flawless, took a few minutes and installed a strongarm brace with an sb tactical ak mount. takes circle 10 mags with minor fitting. don't forget hearing protection. Sweeeeet!!!!!

  • 4
    Mini Beryl Welded Trunnion

    Posted by Darryn/Abakan971 on Mar 4th 2021

    The pistol is of great quality. As is to be expected, the Fabryka Broni are not new to maintaining attention to detail in the Kalashnikov. The gun itself construction wise has no faults, period.

    Your issues will be that of the compliance measures taken to import. One of which isn't mentioned and pretty critical.
    While the rear trunnion is neutered and well known there is a specific detail that cost this the only star lost. THE REAR TRUNNION IS WELDED INTO PLACE. Along the bottom perimeter of the receiver you will find a small blend/bead of weldmemt applied along its length. Id recommend AOA as well as Atlantic state this and include it in photos so people aren't surprised on transfer. Its obviously not a deal breaker, but can be discouraging to someone not expecting it.