WBP FORGED TRUNNION AKM-47 Parts kit 7.62x39 - Bare Bones * HEAD SPACED*

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We take all of the guess work out of assembling brand new virgin parts by properly profiling your bolt and headspacing it to a top of the line 4150V black nitride barrel! All of the major gunsmithing work has already been completed! KITS NOW INCLUDE A SMOOTH DUST COVER instead of the Ribbed Dust Cover in Photo.

100% Brand new Polish production AKM-47 Parts kit utilizing the original Military forged trunnion w/ USA 4150 V nitride barrel *minus buttstock* MFG in Rogow, Poland by WBP These parts kits feature a 100% fully machined bolt & bolt carrier fully heat treated w/ finish. Unlike any other new production AK bolts currently being sold WBP checks these bolts for 58 proper dimensions using the Zeiss CMM

Built to serve both civilian and law enforcement needs these parts kits have the ability to function in semi auto only or select fire/full auto if necessary. We do not include the 3rd axis pin or full auto fire control parts in this package. This parts kit includes everything minus furniture, receiver, and trigger parts which we offer. You will also want to order screws or rivets to complete assembly

You will want to purchase the following to complete this (we offer all of these parts)
US Semi Auto trigger group
Screws or rivets for assembly
Furniture such as buttstock is not included but this kit will accept all popular AK stocks such as Magpul, Tapco, and most surplus stocks.

These parts kits survived extensive torture testing from AKOU


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    Posted by RICH on Aug 1st 2020


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    MyvWBP build experience

    Posted by Toby Barnes on Jun 29th 2020

    When you build a new parts kit the parts will have some fitment issues. In my case the bolt Carrier and gas piston weren't centered in the gas tube. As a result the piston was rubbing against the right side of the gas tube and not seating into the gas port tube. After a few months of trying to figure this out i thought it was rubbing inside the rear sight block. It was actualy the bolt lug rubbing against the forward trunion. So i had to remove a little metal on the bolts locking lug so it could clear the trunion as i didn't have atool to work on the trunions point of contact. This worked and solved my problem. This is AK building. Expect every kit to be different and have its own challenges. I thought a new parts build in todays time and state of the art machining process would make my building pleasure easyer. A lot of times you wont know a problem exists untill the rifle is put together. I made this kit into a side folder and it came out amazing. Not knockin this kit, but i was worried i had a bad kit until i finally figured it out. Good luck on your build.