Romanian Mod 64 RPK - AK47 Parts Kit - *HEADSPACED*

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$1,449.00 - $2,349.00
**ALL HEADSPACED KITS WILL CARRY A LEAD TIME - Current expected lead times can be found in our FAQ**
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Romanian 7.62x39 RPK Parts Kit with Headspaced Barrel
(Pictured: CAT II Quality)

Refer to item #8345 for the Receiver

These kits are headspaced and populated on Green Mountain Chrome Lined 23" barrels.

Asmall number of RPK's we have received and graded, these are very limited quantities and have become very difficult to source. Our last batch of RPK's was received in April 2021 and sold out in December 2021! This batch of RPK's is significantly smaller and quantities are limited.
*We have removed our hand select fee from these kits. We will still perform a hand select year request at no additional fee, but CANNOT offer any guarantees due to low inventory. If you have a request, place it in the checkout comments and we will do our best to fill it!

These rifles were purchased overseas complete and demilled by an actual Military arsenal. The years on these kits range from mid 60's and up, and can offer hand select option for specific years, as inventory permits. This is a light machine gun kit only missing the barrel and receiver. You will still need rivets and other small 922r parts to legally build it back up.
*NOTE: Non-Matching kits do NOT include a cleaning rod. All other kits will come with an RPK length cleaning rod!


1964 Matching:
These are incredibly hard to find first year production kits, guaranteed to have at least the bolt, carrier, and trunnion to have matching numbers.

1964 Non-Matching: First year production kit, will have a 1964 trunnion, but other parts may not be matching. Amount of matching numbers varies from kit to kit, so there are no guarantees regarding numbers in this grade apart from the Trunnion.

CAT II All Matching: CAT II kits were issued but are still in excellent condition, standing apart from other matching kits with their excellent finish. We guarantee matching bolt, bolt carrier, dust cover, gas tube and trunnion.

CAT II Non-Matching: CAT II kits were issued but are still in excellent condition, standing apart from other matching kits with their excellent finish. This grade has the nice finish of a CAT II kit, but is not all numbers matching. Amount of matching numbers varies from kit to kit, so there are no guarantees regarding numbers in this grade.

Matching Numbers: We guarantee matching bolt, bolt carrier, and trunnion. Other parts may match but cannot be guaranteed. Finish may range from BFPU grade or better, but less than CAT II grade.

BFPU Non-Matching: These may have minor issues such as finish wear, missing the bipod clamp, bipod spring, damaged bipod feet, front sight post tweaked in, and typical battlefield issues like cracked upper handguards. These rifles were selected by our agent out of a lot of Cat 3/Battlefield Rifles so expect parts and furniture to show wear similar to our Military Battlefield Md 63's. That could include carvings in the stock sets/trench art, rust, finish wear, dents/dings in the dust cover, tweaked front sight posts pushed inwards, and cracks in the upper hg. The rifles we received are still in fully functional condition and our selection was focused on selecting rifles perfect for builds that still have a long life ahead. We recommend choosing this grade for those who are experienced with repairing parts, almost every front sight has been observed to have damaged ears.

*Auto rate reducer, reducer spring, curved sear, trip spring, and 3rd pin removed for kits going to the following states:



  • All kits that we headspace will ship with a drilled gas port.

  • During assembly, it is normal for tools and machines to cause minor cosmetic scratches to the original parts finish.
    Most commonly, drilling any holes will cause metal shavings to scratch paint around the hole, and hammering any pins in with a punch will remove finish from the pin.
  • In order to complete your build, you will need to remove your barrel from the trunnion, rivet the trunnion into your receiver, then press the barrel back in.
    We pre-drill the barrel pin hole so you are able to use that as a guide when pressing your barrel back in.

    Go/No-Go gauges must then be used to verify headspace before fully installing your barrel pin.
  • Your kit is 100% head-spaced correct out of the box. We perform a series of checks across several team members prior to every order shipping out.
    If you have concerns, you must check headspace BEFORE changing anything about the headspaced assembly using GO/NO-GO GAUGE!!!

    If you have questions, please take pictures, and/or video, and reach out to us.
  • Once the barrel is removed, or any alteration has been made to the populated barrel, at that point the customer or builder becomes responsible for the build. AOA cannot take responsibility for a headspaced assembly once alterations have been made to our gunsmith's work.
    Removing the barrel and reinstalling it may result in head-space loosening or tightening of your pre-head spaced kit if you are only eyeballing the barrel pin hole. It can look lined up, but still be off by a few thousandths of an inch.
  • Recheck head-space after you are done riveting your trunnion into your receiver and reinstall the barrel, and ensure it is correct BEFORE pressing the barrel pin.

    **If you need to send an assembly back, we will charge another headspacing fee. We also cannot accept receivers, so if it needs to be sent back in, you must remove the receiver if it has already been riveted.
  • Once all built, please clean your firearm before firing to make sure your new firearm is clear of assembly or shipping debris. If your assembled firearm is failing to cycle, sometimes metal burrs may get lodged in the gas port and need to be cleared out.
    Thank you again.


  • 5
    Md.64 RPK

    Posted by ROBERT MILLS on Mar 9th 2023

    Honestly I didn’t know what to expect, it took
    a while to get it since I ordered it during the peak holiday season on top of the lead time but it finally arrived very pleased with the kit everything was demilled nicely I received 1975 year kit definitely was used in service but other than that everything was matching all parts in tact the club stock/Bakelite grip is in excellent condition the lower/upper hand guard too minus a few dings which give it some character overall very pleased with this kit can’t wait to build it and put some rounds through it.

  • 5
    Fantastic kit

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 8th 2021

    I absolutely love it. Arrived in perfect condition and functions amazingly.

  • 5
    Exactly as described

    Posted by Kyle Miller on Aug 7th 2021

    The parts kit was perfect, and the shipping times were exactly as described. I couldn't be happier.

  • 5
    Romy Mod 64 RPK

    Posted by Michael Olson on Jul 16th 2021

    It's in the Queue to be built soon but everything is in excellent shape. What surprised me was the quality of the furniture. AOA is top notch. This kit WAS worth the wait!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Gerald Lank on Jul 13th 2021

    I didn't really know what to expect when I ordered my kit. But I do know but I'm very happy with it. I got the head space matching numbers kit. It was extremely well demilled all the parts were there all the numbers matchedI have not started to build yet. I have several AK kit that I'm going to build first. You might say a warm-up to the rpk. I would highly recommend not if you're looking for a good professionally demilled kit this would be the place to buy one I have a few AK kits from them. My brother has as well and we're both very pleased with the quality of stuff.

  • 5
    Great parts kit !

    Posted by Sean McCormick on Jun 29th 2021

    Worth the wait! Very happy with this parts kit. I have finished my build and am very excited to shoot it. I reblued every thing and blued the new barrel. Minor wear on the stock and fore grip , but they polished out nicely , and have “character” , took a bit of hand fitting ont he stock and lower grip, but within normal expectations

  • 5
    Rpk kit

    Posted by Erick St denis on Jun 24th 2021

    The best in the business