Romanian Military Mod 63 AKM47 Parts Kit *No barrel* Gunsmith Special dented dust cover/cracked wood/front sight tweaked

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These Romanian Military AKM47's are some of the last original Military rifles we could find overseas. Carefully demilled and we do not guarantee matching numbers on the Gunsmith special. These kits were issued so expect wear but they are still fully operational. They will have finish wear and possibly carvings, cracked upper handguards, small dents, and dings in parts and or the wood furniture. Some of these are also oversized barrel trunnions so its possible you will need to get an oversized barrel! If you purchase a barrel at the same time we will make sure to check it to make sure its not oversized.

We offer our high end 4150 black nitride barrel right here for $99
We offer our top of the line actual Military Cold Hammer Forged Sporter replacement barrel here

You will still need to purchase a barrel, receiver, rivets/screws, and other small parts to complete this. These are original full auto Military rifles so you must comply with 922r and build this rifle in semi auto.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

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Blake (Wisconsin) 5/28/2019 7:44 PM
I bought this kit thinking it would be a total beater, ugly with all sorts of issues. I was very surprised when unboxing this kit that it was exactly as described, if not better than I expected. AoA does mention that these kits are unlikely to match, cracks in the upper handguard, bent front sight leafs, and so forth. My kit had all of these minor issues mentioned, but they are all very easy to fix when building. My parts all contained one of two serial numbers. The lower hand guard had some trench art on it, which I love. Overall, these kits sound like from the description that they're nothing but red flags, but that's just AoA letting you know what you're getting. Very satisfied with the care in demilling, and overall condition of the parts even though used and went through hell. Comes with cleaning rod, no cleaning kit within the buttstock. No rust anywhere on any parts.
Nice parts for the price
Matt Dunham (Iowa ) 11/29/2018 7:46 PM
Like the title says some dings on top cover but barely noticable my kit was mismatched but all other parts nice and straight, metal finish worn off but internals look great and trench art on the wood what more can you ask for?
gun smith special
Teresa Walker (Jennerstown, PA) 8/26/2018 4:57 AM
if you like battle feild pick up look this kit is perfect ,some writing on furniture , if your wanting just a nice build again perfect ,i cleaned and cerakoted all parts look like new , the only metal i replaced was dust cover and butt plate ,dust cover was dented too much for my liking but usable metal butt plate was worn to where it had a hole on edges , i bought a polish furniture from AOA and dust cover from another site gun looks as new now way better than any century arms thanks AOA i just ordered another one and will be ordering a few more
ak 47 gunsmith special
paul (jacksonville fla) 2/9/2018 10:54 PM
for those of you who are thrifty, these kits are the way to go. my latest build was dated 1975 with little or no finish remaining, dented dust cover, and numerous notches on the stock indicating some kind of tally. a true bfpu. authentic western block piece of history. if you choose, there are other options from a of a, but price is a factor. this kit will be somewhat of a special masterpiece due to the condition. they are worth the price posted. again another top shelf item from a of a. I have shopped other sites, but the selection and quality isn't there. will continue to only deal with a of a. as stated, 5 stars.
great kit for the money
DT (KY) 11/5/2017 12:46 PM
when this kit arrived it was a complete numbers matching kit 66' with great BFPU look to it as it was well used....the only issues were a bent front sight ear along with a cracked upper handguard and broken butt plate on the stock..considering I was building an underfolder out of this and changing the handguards this was no issues to me, this is an excellent kit for the money and would buy again thanks AOA!