WBP Special Dust Cover w/ Rear Sight

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We now carry both types; select if you want the sight located towards the front or rear of the dust cover!

These beautiful heavy duty WBP Milled dust covers new production and never serialized! These will work with most AK rifles such as Polish, Romanian, East German, Russian & more.

New virgin part, will require fitting to the specific rifle it is being installed on. Measures about 9 3/8ths" in length, may require some filing or fitting, either lengthwise, or around the recoil spring hole. Filing the bottom side of the square hole is typically needed.

This Special Dust Cover rear sight combo is an all-in-one Dust Cover with an adjustable rear peep sight aperature riveted to it.
This dust cover works best with the WBP Picatinny Rail Rear Sight block


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    WASR3 krinkov

    Posted by Andrew on Jun 27th 2023

    Had a wasr 3 that I wanted to put a 90°gas block but during installation it damaged the barrel because it was an "out of spec" gas block I failed to read in the description from Carolina shooter supply. So with it being so over gassed that the KNS piston couldn't even save it, and the damage to the barrel near the block I said F it, I'm just gonna salvage what's left of my barrel and make cut it on lathe. So got an AKV krink gas block from palmetto. Shortened my piston and made a badass romy 5.56 krink. Having done all that surgery my front to rear sight distance was too close for my taste. So Arms of America made this awesome dust cover with a protected enclosed sight. Perfect location to make the krink look.
    - first off it looks smoking badass.
    -2nd, it is very noticeably heavier and obviously higher quality.
    - 3rd, it was perfectly made to sand to fit. So I took my time.. time is quality. It came out perfect. Very perfect tight tolerances. Could not be happier with this awesome quality piece, and the price was extremely fair..

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    Good Quality

    Posted by Joshua on Sep 14th 2022

    Purchased this for a WBP milled mini jack. I had to do a little filing to get it to fit (as expected). The sight itself is good quality and the rivets are tight. I added some jb weld to certain parts of the underside of the cover (near the rails) to get it to fit more tightly and to remove any wobble. The sight has held zero and for the price, I am pleased with it. Time will tell how it holds up over time, but it looks like it will do well.

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    Special AK dusk cover W/rear site

    Posted by AKman28 on Sep 7th 2022

    Dust cover came in looking nice, packaged well. Tried unsuccessfully fitting it to Arsenal Sam 7, Yugo NPAP, KUSA, PSA GF3, Meridian Pestilence. All no goes, some fitment needs to be done by shortening the cover and enlarging the recoil spring cutout at the thumb base. Perhaps this is to be expected but I thought surely it would fit one of my AKs out of the box. Great concept just needs work.

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    nice if it was like the Galil

    Posted by Jean-Pierre on Mar 17th 2021

    i like this product but my only complaint is i wish the rear sight was further back like the Galil dust cover. i used the vektor r4 for years in South Africa and its hard to find a rear sight dust cover.

    this is close enough

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    Dust cover

    Posted by Robert on Oct 3rd 2020

    Perfect fit for my custom built
    Fits very nice and excellent finish matched the rest of the project

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    Dust cover w/ sight

    Posted by Don on Sep 19th 2020

    Very well made and rugged. I used it to replace the dust cover on a Micro Draco because of the crappy sight that comes on the Micro. It took a little fitting with a hand file due to the differences in AK tolerances, but the final fitting looks like it came from the factory with the Micro. Nicer finish on AA’s dust cover than the Micro has, too. The sight is easily adjusted by pulling outboard on the adjustment knob, then moving the sight the proper direction. Excellent quality and value for on $45.