WBP Gas Block Combo

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This Polish Gen 3 AKM Gas Block combo by WBP comes with all sight components (drum & sight post). This press and pin combo is without a doubt the nicest gas block combo to hit the market in this low price range. This is designed to work with all standard 15mm gas block diameter barrels.

This sight combo is the proper size to work with all standard rear sights as is with no modification. This is perfect for anyone that might be planning to SBR their rifle or simply lighten the front end up and provide that modern look to their rifle. If planning to use this with a 5.45x39 or 5.56 you will have to purchase a barrel with no gas port or a comptabile gas port since this is not a 90 degree combo.

Weighing at 4oz this high strength gas block combo is sure to provide equal if not better options for almost half the price of many other options. This is setup to work with a standard AKM/AK gas ports referred to as 45 degree (but it is a true 26-degree port just like the AKM, AK, and most RPK's).

Guide holes for drilling are already in place! Simply order our 3mm cobalt drill bit to drill the holes after pressing it into place so it can be pinned. 

Please note: This combo block is not pre-drilled for a front detent, nor does it come with a detent & spring.


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    WBP gas block/sight combo

    Posted by Crazyhorse on Mar 7th 2023

    Excellent gas block. Smooth bore. 45 degree gas cut. Great sight picture. If it was forged that would be best but it is a good setup for the price.