WBP Polish AK47 Bolt Carrier 7.62x39 *Brand new hammer forged production made in Poland* For STAMPED Receivers

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These are brand new production AKM47 7.62x39 cold hammer forged bolt carriers produced by WBP in Rogow, Poland. These new unserialized mil-spec carriers are featured in all of the WBP firearms we import and they come ready to be polished for smoother action. These feature a ZINC coating for lubricity and rust resistance!

Gas piston is threaded and riveted into place, with the rivet ground down flush with the body. Some pistons will have wobble, this is completely normal and will not impede function.
These work with just about all standard 7.62x39 AKM spec firearms from Polish, Romanian, Hungarian AK63D, East German, Maadi, Russian, and more!


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    Posted by ed on Mar 25th 2021

    The WBP Polish hammer forged 7.62x39 bolt carrier for stamped receiver from AoA is brand new. As all products coming from WBP of Poland, finish and workmanship is excellent. In the 1990's,I used to own a
    Chinese AKMS underfolder with a spike bayonet made by Shen Yang armory (not Polytech or Norinco) and the tooling marks were all over the components. Workmanship and quality seems crude. Not with this WBP bolt carrier, every thing is smooth and precisely cut even in the recesses where the bolt head and lugs turn and rests. Material seems stainless steel with a matte satin finish. I tested fit with a RecreatorBlank receiver and it was perfect, glided through the rails with no binding. If you're for a Polish build, this is a must have. Mate it with a WBP bolt (AoA also carries them) and you're set for an authentic Polish stamped AKMS/47. As usual, these items go fast so get them when they're in stock or you'll have to wait ages for them to be available again.

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    Polish Bolt Carriers

    Posted by KEN TUCKY on Mar 6th 2021

    No clue why anyone would even have to consider reading a review on any real part from Poland. If you're reading this and haven't bought any of these yet, or any other WDP Polish part Arms of America sells, you're an idiot.

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    Received in a good time was in excellent shape,, after further investigation and call to customer service found out was for a stamped receiver not milled,had to return and wait for different bolt carrier.

    Posted by Don Brown on Feb 6th 2021

    Had to make a couple of calls to customer service, don’t know how great it was to get right through to a knowledgeable person, without going through a dozen menu promps

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    Bolt carrier

    Posted by Jorge Martinez on Sep 11th 2020

    Great quality I highly recommend

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    Bolt carrier group

    Posted by Allan Smallwood on Sep 6th 2020

    Bolt carrier group I have built one AK with the same bolt carrier performed flawlessly It is very smooth in battery. Bought another one polishes up very nicely. If you have any sticking it’s not the bolt carrier usually it’s the selector is located maybe a little too high in your build but is a easy fix by filing the inside of your safety selector . If you use a jig you will not have a problem.

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    Just like it should be

    Posted by Matt on Jun 7th 2020

    Fits snug. Works like expected. Would buy again

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    Polish bolt carrier & piston

    Posted by Michael Groeniger on May 22nd 2020

    Used in my Blackheart Firearms DIY kit (barreled Receiver,headspaced) worked great, very smooth !

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    Bolt carrier

    Posted by Dean M. Buss on May 3rd 2020

    No quite as hard as one I bought previously from you folks. Some ( not alarming) deformation on the " tail" previous version has NONE at all with a higher round count. But I cannot rule out overgased as being a factor.
    Overall better than the original.

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    used Surplus is going to get you further than this thing

    Posted by eric m mills on Apr 16th 2020

    so I've purchased two of these so far one of them went into a build fit fine. so I've purchased two of these so far one of them went into a build fit fine.first problem I notice with that one is that the boat tail it's just like mushrooming big-time. at this price point I feel like that's just not really acceptable it's brand new production it shouldn't be that they can't figure out how to heat treat it properly you know what I mean that's the only problem I notice with that one the new one I bought for my other build it will not fit in any rifle whatsoever they've started putting in roll pins to pin the gas piston the gas piston had no playing it at all and at first I thought maybe my front sight gas block is 2 shorter I did something wrong no it will not fit in any rifle is like it's too high up above the railsI tried multiple rifles these aren't ones that I've built strictly. my builds, Factory rifles I mean it just won't fit in any of them. I tried multiple rifles these aren't ones that I've built strictly Dessert Factory rifles I mean it just won't fit in any of thing I notice regarding wvp I've got parts from them that are great some of the cleanest nicest machine parts I've ever seen then a couple months later I'll get the same part and it's b******* so I don't know what Wbp deal is hit-or-miss with them and for 120 bucks go ahead and miss and go grab you that AMD 65 never been issued one drill it out pop on a new gas piston you got yourself a badass bolt carrier that's what I did to replace this piece of s*** this is a paperweight now not really I'm throw this in the f****** gulf. I tried taking some metal off of where it rides on the rails to see if that would lower down enough to clear into that gas block so it's not even something I can return now it really pissed me the f*** off.