WBP Polish Radom AKM 7.62x39 80% Receiver Blank

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These Polish 7.62x39 80% receiver blanks are 100% made in Poland using original Polish Radom Military tooling and parts. This is the closest you can get to an original military receiver! These 80 percent receivers already have both the rails and center support fully installed, and they are fully heat-treated with a black oxide finish. These are considered 80% complete so they do not require a FFL dealer since they are missing the axis pin and safety selector lever hole. We sell the AK-Builder blank drilling fixture to complete the last remaining holes. These are 1.0 mm and work with all the AKM-47 parts kits we sell on the website! The first picture shows 2 receivers but each order includes 1 We are not shipping these to NJ currently due to the new bill that was signed


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    Looks great.

    Posted by William on Apr 18th 2021

    Worked out great

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    Posted by Earl Carter on Apr 17th 2021

    Works perfectly, great craftsmanship, fast shipper

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    Posted by Wisniewski on Apr 15th 2021

    As always the world's best AK receivers. Finish is great, heat treatment correct, rails are perfectly aligned along with the center support.

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    80% 7.62

    Posted by Jay on Mar 10th 2021

    These are nice. The ejector was perfect on three Romanian bolts. No filing was required. Using the AK-builder drill jig just requires the roll pin to be moved to the spot labeled “Polish.” I did all drilling from that location. With the roll pin uptight against the front of the pistol grip t-nut location. The axis pin holes aren’t perfectly aligned with the X and Y stampings, but the end result was a functioning build. The mag well is tight and I had to grind a little on the back side by the trigger guard. The metal isn’t to hard to drill through with HSS bits provided with the AK-builder drilling jig. These are slightly longer than other receivers I’ve used. You need to make sure the front trunnion is flush against the front of the receiver not the rails or you will have mag figment issues. I did the rear trunnion slightly inside instead of flush on my second two builds. On the first the carrier wanted to jump of the backside of the rails. I fixed that with a cheap plastic recoil buffer as they take up some space. I like these better than the Childer’s Polish stamping 80%.

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    Polish Radom AKM 7.62x39 80% Receiver Blank

    Posted by Robert on Mar 5th 2021

    I bought a few years ago and these are as good as the ones I got back then!! A little harder to drill than regular blanks but did not need to heat-treat and anneal.

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    Perfect receivers

    Posted by William Sargent on Mar 5th 2021

    I ordered these and they arrived quickly during this mess of trying to find parts and receivers. these are well made for sure. The finish on them are very nice.

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    Posted by Olle on Mar 2nd 2021

    High quality receiver, only had to trim the rear edge of the mag well a bit for clearance.

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    80% Receiver blank Polish Radom AKM 7.62 x 39

    Posted by Noel Smith on Mar 2nd 2021

    I thought the photos of the receiver looked good on the Arms of America Website.....they were absolutely better in person!! Clean lines and perfect fit are always a good sign when assembling a new project. These receivers are top notch and would be a compliment to any museum quality build!! Form and function are absolute and truly easy to work with. I have been buying Parts and kits from you for years now and I am never disappointed!! Thanks!!

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    viewed as all others to be judged by

    Posted by catmandoo on Feb 18th 2021

    the best quality ive seen !