FEG Hungarian AK47 Bayonet *The last ones have a melted or warped rubber frog*

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FEG Hungarian AK47 Bayonet *Rare unissued condition*

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Product Reviews

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Great bayonet... not so great customer service...
Chris (MN) 11/19/2018 9:13 AM
The bayonet was really nice, but be advised- it is missing a pretty important piece of the hanger system. You can't tell this from the simplistic lone picture, but it's missing the leather loop portion that would go on a belt and connect to the rest of the hanger assembly. The description clearly states "unissued condition, still in wrap" with no mention of any missing pieces. So, I was pretty bummed about that.. not something I can just go buy easily. What aggravated me even more though, was the total lack of customer support. I sent very polite and articulate emails identifying what was missing and asking if the missing piece was available, and if I could please have the missing piece sent. In the initial reply, I was only asked.. "Is that part included in the picture?" That seemed like a very lazy reply. Like they couldn't be troubled to look at their own picture/listing. When I sent another email complete with a picture attached so they could see exactly what part I was referring to, I didn't even receive the grace of a response, just silence. I was really excited to buy an AIMS-74 bayonet too. A spendy little item, but I see no reason to give further business after being ignored over such a small issue. If anyone at AOA reads this and wants to help make right, I'd like to hear from you and would sure like to have this part so my unit is complete. My order number is 65566. Thank you.
Brand New
Drew (Maryland) 6/30/2016 7:07 PM
These are exactly as described, and are very nice.